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Web Apps vs. Native Apps: Round Three by Max Dunn
Change as a Way of Life: CC Extensions and the Third-Party InDesign Developer by Olav Martin Kvern
A Brief History of InDesign Server by Olav Martin Kern

Adobe InDesign Server / InDesign Automation

What is InDesign Server? by Max Dunn (on LinkedIn)
Change as a Way of Life: CC Extensions and the Third-Party InDesign Developer by Olav Martin Kvern
A Brief History of InDesign Server by Olav Martin Kvern
A Preview of Silicon Publishing at IPEX 2014 by Max Dunn
InDesign Scripting: Baby Steps by Olav Martin Kvern
Instant Celtic Art by Max Dunn (on Medium)
The Greatest Software Product of All Time by Max Dunn (on Medium)
When the Minimum Viable Product is Not Enough by Max Dunn (on Medium)
Moore’s Law and Adobe InDesign Server by Max Dunn

Silicon Designer

Silicon Designer (Video) by Max Dunn
Silicon Designer: Online Editing Without Limits by Max Dunn
Cloud Designer: Web-to-print as Never Before by Max Dunn
Five Considerations in User Interface for Online Design by Max Dunn

Silicon Connector

Four DAMs from the InDesign Out by Max Dunn
Using Adobe InDesign with Box: the Trend to Cloud-based Design Workflows by Max Dunn
Boxworks 2013 and the Convergence of Storage and Publishing Technology by Max Dunn
MediaBeacon Publishing – Someone comprehends Silicon Connector, finally… by Max Dunn
Connecting InDesign to Web-based Assets by Max Dunn

Silicon Paginator

Template-driven Publishing with Silicon Paginator by Max Dunn
Dynamic iPad Apps from InDesign Server by Max Dunn
The Evolution of Silicon Paginator by Max Dunn

Software Testing

Silicon Designer Test Strategy Overview by Lanette Creamer
Collaboration Across Locations
by Lanette Creamer
Testing Basics for Agile Developers – Consider Nothing by Lanette Creamer
What is Jenkins/Hudson? by Lanette Creamer


Web Apps vs. Native Apps: Round Three by Max Dunn
WebGL Comes of Age
by Max Dunn (on Medium)
The controversy by Max Dunn
It’s now: HTML5 doesn’t work by Max Dunn (on Medium)
Good News and Bad News for HTML5 by Max Dunn
Facing the new overabundance of technology by Max Dunn
Flash and HTML5 at Adobe MAX 2011 by Max Dunn
Internet Explorer to support SVG? by Max Dunn


The Collision of Structured and Unstructured Content by Max Dunn
How the Web has advanced since its original design by Max Dunn
The Two Perspectives on XML by Max Dunn

In Memorial

Farewell to the Empress of Adobe by Max Dunn (on Medium)
A Great Technologist Passes by Max Dunn

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