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What is InDesign Server?

InDesign Server

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CC Extensions

Change as a Way of Life: CC Extensions and the Third-Party InDesign Developer

Software development is a crazy business. Every time you feel you’ve mastered a programming language or framework, it’s declared obsolete, and you’ve got to crawl your way back up a learning curve to master something new. These changes are never under your control—they are handed down from on high, from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, or whichever corporate tail it is that wags your particular dog. They make a change, and we scramble to adapt. You know, as if our livelihoods depended on it, or something.

I’m not exactly complaining, mind you, because there’s nothing I enjoy more than learning something new. But there are days when I wish I’d taken up, say, shoeing horses. There is no “Horseshoes 2.0” on the horizon.

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Using InDesign as a CAD Tool

How Adobe InDesign can be extended to serve as a CAD tool for making music instruments.
InDesign as a CAD Tool

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