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Ten DAMs from the InDesign Out

Ten DAMs from the InDesign Out

Seven years ago, Silicon Publishing stumbled into an opportunity to connect Adobe InDesign to remote assets in a very powerful and efficient way. Through the work of our developers, several of whom were part of the original team that built InDesign, we were able to make a very direct connection from InDesign to remote assets via URLs. InDesign DAM Connectivity has become a significant part of our work.

Silicon Connector

While other approaches rely on technologies such as WebDAV, which is known for latency and headaches, our direct approach has proven itself to be far more efficient, and is now the way that most leading DAMs handle such connectivity. We have over 20 DAM partnerships so far, with more on the way.

This post talks about 10 of the Connectors we’ve built, specifically those with partners who also have booths at the upcoming DAM NY 2017 conference. They are in chronological order, and nothing here is intended to say that one is better than another, but simply to talk about the unique characteristics of each as we’ve seen them in the context of connectivity from the Creative Cloud applications.

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